Many initiatives to promote universal venture Qiaodong District of Zhangjiakou

entrepreneurial activities have been carried out for a period of time, all regions have achieved remarkable results in the field of entrepreneurship. Zhangjiakou Bridge East founder of a number of Venture Park, effectively promote the wave of local college students entrepreneurship.

within one year of successful establishment of two college business park, more than 2000 college students in their employment and entrepreneurship platform skill; urban and Rural National Park has its own characteristics to attract the brightest entrepreneurial genius come in a throng family service industry enterprises; the city accounted for 60%, the scale, the professional level of the city’s leading…… Qiaodong District of Zhangjiakou to promote the work of national entrepreneurship, opened up a expanding employment, stimulate entrepreneurship, promote the development of the road.

Zhangjiakou training methods to promote the people business process, to obtain and recommend fine roots

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