During the Spring Festival how to increase food safety supervision and inspection in Guizhou

2017 Spring Festival footsteps getting closer, on this occasion lasting everyone in the joy at the same time, do some basic work is not necessary, as significant is how to ensure food safety of the people? The Guizhou provincial food and Drug Administration recently issued a notice, asked the province’s food safety supervision departments at all levels to strengthen supervision and inspection, and do a good job during the Spring Festival in 2017 food service food safety work.

clear flow of personnel, to undertake the dinner on New Year’s Eve festive dinner activities of more food service units, tourist attractions and stations, motorway service areas and other large catering units in key areas, focus on examination of environmental sanitation, cleaning and disinfection tableware nine aspects of food safety management system implementation. Supervise the implementation of the rectification unit, according to investigate illegal acts.

during the spring festival food safety want to be in place, supervision and inspection can not be slack, the only way to make the majority of the people to eat at ease, eat healthy! At the same time demanding the implementation of the holidays 24 hours duty system, timely published reports of phone and phone, to establish and perfect the food safety accident emergency plan, pay close attention to the safety of food service food situation during the Spring Festival, good food safety accident emergency preparation in advance.

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