Conflicts with customers can be resolved with a smile

although many shopkeepers know that they can not have conflicts with customers, but in the course of the actual operation of the shop is easy to produce a variety of conflicts. It has been nearly 15 years since I opened a retail store. According to their nearly 15 years of retail management experience, I think the customer and retail disputes, quarrel, both sides have reason.

stands in the customer’s point of view, they may think that retailers cheat, fool them, causing her to be deceived; or by counterfeit processing is wrong; or that the retailer pays little attention to their own requirements, their legitimate demands are not met; or when they buy goods quality problems, the retailer does not solve properly in a timely manner no, to their satisfaction with the argument, so the heart is full of resentment and anger, trying to argue and quarrel and retailers. At this point, if the retail households do not calm and rational, then it is possible to intensify the contradictions, I have always insisted to resolve conflicts with a smile". I think smiling is the most gentle weapon, it will make us want to scold people to hate us so soft hearted, popular consumer.

remember that before the Spring Festival in 2010, I sold a fruit opposite the supermarket in my house to buy fireworks, new year’s Eve night put very good. Unfortunately, 2011 day morning, but did not affect the fireworks. He was very irritated, the evening fireworks will end to my supermarket, not happily say: "what kind of fireworks, broke my wealth, to compensate for the losses." I immediately smiled and said: "sorry, brother down. The fireworks did not ring that is an accident, ah, you do not angry, I did not deliberately."

said he handed him 100 yuan. It is because of their timely smile, while the use of appropriate remedies to avoid a quarrel. This treatment for both silent and soundless, no negative effect. I want to smile if not resolve conflicts, and then he may be in a gas, that is not good, arguing there would appear worse situation.

comments: smiling face to greet people, even with some small contradictions, but also can be resolved quickly. In short, smile is an important way of interpersonal communication. As a retail household to learn to smile, with their sincere smile to the face of customers, to attract customers, resolve conflicts, can effectively narrow the psychological distance with customers. Retailers should be willing to take the time to train, always keep a lovely smile.

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