What should pay attention to high temperature

despite the beginning of autumn, people do not feel the hot weather badly, hot weather comes again, brought great trouble to people’s life. The driver friends think high speed than the low road easier to drive, also believes that as long as the high-speed road would not worry about much problem. In the summer because of the hot weather, lack of sleep, extremely easy to fatigue, and even make people in a trance, such as drivers do not pay attention to rest, resulting in excessive fatigue, is the main reason for the accident occurred in the summer. Hot weather also has a certain impact on the state of the car, but also an important reason for frequent accidents in hot weather.

1, the impact of high temperature on the driver

summer nights are short, the night may be due to hot or other reasons, and sleep less than 8 hours will have the feeling of fatigue, prone to fatigue, into a semi sleep state. In the half sleep, the driver’s hearing and vision greatly reduced, can not be found on a variety of obstacles, great harm to safe driving. The half sleep driver’s thinking ability is reduced, the response ability is poor, the guard is slow, the reaction time is lengthened, causes when the accident cannot take the effective measure. Half sleep state will also make the driver’s memory is limited, easy to operate and judgment errors, leading to accidents.

driving on the highway, a long time in a monotonous environment of high temperature, the driver will be prone to irritability. In the compartment closed environment, once will cause irritability, inattention when driving, if a dangerous situation is difficult to avoid; but in the agitated, prone to conflict with others, "open a grudge car.". These are likely to cause accidents.

2, the impact of high temperature on the car

high temperature can make the vehicle tire accidents. According to the statistics of traffic accidents on the highway in the tire accounted for more than 70%. High speed vehicles, could lead to a blowout. If the vehicle at low speed, it will hurt the fetus, and the incubation period is long, hidden large, more dangerous.

under high temperature, cooling speed of the car is limited, cars on the way the engine speed is high, difficult heat dissipation, high temperature and the fuel evaporation tank pressure, easy to appear with the "choke", leading to engine instability, automatic flameout, engine starting difficult phenomenon. The most afraid of the highway is a sudden stop, high-speed movement of traffic once blocked, it is likely to occur in a series of crashes.

hot weather, brake hydraulic system is easy to produce bubbles, so that braking performance is reduced, and even a foot brake does not respond, which also brings hidden dangers to safe driving.

3, pay attention to rest, do not fatigue driving

for high summer temperatures, physical exertion, especially at noon, >

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