Xiao Bian with you know the success of the people of Wenzhou

in Wenzhou China can be said to be a legendary city, it is not the most economically developed countries, is not the earliest, but now it is undoubtedly a very wealthy city, its products throughout the country, its way of doing business is to make many investors crazy, following small you know what success of the people of Wenzhou, I hope to be able to help your business!

80 in the early 1980s the mainland town, casually walked down an alley, always hear "Zheng Zheng Zheng cotton – -" the voice; also often see shoe repair shops, shoemakers are dingdingdangdang banging shoes. All kinds of hair salon on the window, with a popular hairstyle is drawing, young men and women with a Zhejiang Mandarin accent, greet you in the barber.

The latest statistics:

"Wenzhou people are good at imitating." Wang Chunguang calls imitation another kind of innovation. Let the people of Wenzhou do a product, at first they imitate, "copy", "copy" people, to a certain course

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