Grassroots Entrepreneurship you need to pay more efforts than others

root is a word now very popular, roots are not two rich generation not the two generation, not enough start-up funds, without extensive personal connections, how to occupy a space for one person in such a competitive market, you need to pay more than others to drill to camp!

of the business enterprise, the founding team is also very important, the core team must be of one heart and one mind, unity of thinking, we must be clear, what is the core demands of enterprises, profit model how, and then around this focus the synergies, concentration of forces to fight a war of annihilation, step by step to achieve the set goals. I’ve seen a lot of companies, has not yet found a good team on the day to find investment, in fact, this is not right, in the investigation of the enterprise investors, the founding team is also a very important part. There are also some entrepreneurs told me that they can not attract the best talent without money, no talent can not build a healthy team, and then into a vicious cycle. In fact, this is the initial profit model is not clear, the outstanding talent will not care about the gains and losses, you can see the prospect of profit model, they will not only be involved, and even into some of the funds.

in personnel in place, project profit pattern is clear, the integration of enterprises can not ignore the social resources.

to establish their own unique profit model, we must first find the potential demand of consumers, to find their own way to meet this demand, and to the problem of profit. If before the war was not ready yet, so this war has ended before it started.

in considering the initial profit pattern, do not want to be too high, must be done in the short term will be able to profit, in the absence of any financing conditions should also be able to live very well, so as to ensure their survival. Zhou Hongyi said disruptive innovation, which is a good idea, but not all companies can do. Most minor

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