After 90 college students to return home

face the backwardness of the home, can not see the development of the future, the younger generation should not complain, should come up with practical action to bring home development opportunities, to achieve new development. At present, a large number of 90 students began to return home entrepreneurship.

when highly innovative, public entrepreneurship has become the trend, the difference of college students in Guangdong the road of entrepreneurship? Recently, in Jieyang, Lechang, the Lianjiang College Students Association hosted the second session of the Guangdong provincial college organization conference, the reporter found that, compared to the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen and other first-tier cities "congestion" and "competition", now 90 students more willing to return home employment even sent home business.

College graduates returning 90

Drop out

and Liu Yuqun hold the same idea and Lechang Students Federation vice president Bai Ruiwei. Reporters learned that the 23 year old Rui Wei is the white Guangzhou University sontan college a Junior, but in order to achieve the entrepreneurial dream, he decided to drop out of school to return home cofounded headhunting company.

2014 in December, after seeing a lot of college students have returned, but no employment demands, headhunters Bai Ruiwei and brother in his hometown of Shaoguan founded in only one to focus on high-end talent for promotion. At present, the company’s development is good, we have to expand the future." Bairuijian

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