The Beijing reading season is held in the theme of connect change

is the so-called: "knowledge is the ladder of progress" a nation wants to continue to develop, to achieve continuous self-improvement in the world, and is closely related to the national level of education, an important factor in reading is also essential. The sixth book Chinese · Beijing reading season Reading Festival held in Beijing bridge art center. The Reading Festival to "connect + innovation" as the theme, summed up this year in Beijing reading season, at the same time to explore the 2017 national reading trend. Vice mayor Wang Ning attended the event.

after five years of exploration, Beijing reading season has become a government guidance, industry support, social participation, the benefit of the masses of the National Reading Promotion platform. Beijing reading season has been combined with more than 300 writers, scholars, publishers and more than 300 publishing and cultural institutions, a total of more than 2 kinds of activities in Beijing to carry out a variety of reading, the number of audience of more than 10 million.

through this event, we are more aware of the need to actively develop the habit of reading in life, not only conducive to our own self-cultivation, but also conducive to our access to more knowledge. The Reading Festival site announced the selection results of Beijing book series. This year the Beijing book series launched in May 15th, received a total of 354 copies of the application materials, after review, ten large reading demonstration community, ten scholarly family and ten gold reading promotion in Beijing area. Finally, Wang Yi family in Dongcheng District, Xicheng District Xie Jingyi family, Xu Guangyi family acquired ten scholarly family. Fangshan District summer village community, Shunyi District green home community, Changping District, Wangdu community, such as access to the ten reading demonstration community. Chaoyang District Lei Wentao, Fengtai District, Sun Xiaoning, Haidian District and other ten gold medal to get the promotion of reading to the people of.

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