Business can pretend to be confused

is also doing business and we usually behave like someone is very smart, and someone is in disorderly fashion. In fact, many peers are stressed, the business must be clear, as clear as noonday. I have to sing a different tune, the Qing Dynasty calligrapher, writer Zheng Banqiao famously said, "woolly headed" to do business with confused fashion and why?

a spinning factory boss is my old customers, he is always required for tobacco in my shop to get, and rarely bargain. One day last month, I came back in the afternoon and found my father arguing with him.

he obviously gave 20 yuan, but to a box of $40 hard ‘China’, but also I find him $10." My father told me in a hurry.

"uncle, I obviously gave you 50 yuan." Spinning factory boss also some angry.

I looked at the drawer and put it in the drawer and found that there was no 50 yuan worth of money. I hurried to put the father Zhizou, then smiled at the spinning factory boss said: "my dad is wrong, you don’t take it personally. I’ll give you a box of hard to find, "the" 10 yuan of money, sending you a windproof lighter."


spinning factory owner went away with satisfaction, and then he took care of my business as usual.

actually, I know, my father is not wrong, but the boss made a mistake. But I am confused up and why? For such a "God", sent him a box of smoke and a smoke and why?

once, an old woman came to my shop to buy something, I gave 5 yuan of money, said to give when the daughter-in-law is 10 yuan. The old woman in the shop before I cried, my little sister to her. She would not listen to.

sister is a careful person, who got the money to the customer and customer verification after reentry box, she certainly is not wrong, but I immediately took 5 yuan to the old woman, and apologize to her.

"girl, or your heart. As long as you’re here, I’m not going to go shopping!" The old woman smiled and walked away.

this is the loss of 5 yuan of money, but my little shop a long quarrel, made a repeat, you say I lost or earned?

to do business while said to be very careful in reckoning, always pay attention to, however, too shrewd management, often the effect is not ideal. To do business, dissimulate and why? However, we have to distinguish between the timing and the object, or the real disadvantage is their own.

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