How to choose a good brand underwear store

underwear is a good friend of women’s lives, women can not do without it, a lot of people see the business opportunities, want to open their own brand underwear store. A good store location can greatly enhance the sales of the product, so after joining the underwear industry, the store location to be careful to choose. How to choose the brand underwear store?

1, passenger flow "gold content"

site must pay attention to the flow of people, traffic conditions, residents and units, etc., which is related to the number of income. Therefore, the opening of the brand underwear stores, the geographical advantage of the higher investment income, but also means a lot of good prices, fierce competition. Community shops and shops along the street traffic stability, stable return on investment. Choose the main shopping mall or pedestrian street. Some commercial street has formed its own positioning and style, have their own consumer groups, the location of the site to consider their underwear brand positioning. If your underwear brand positioning is high-grade and low-grade underwear shop in the street, it is the wrong person.

2. site to be forward-looking

is not a good location will make money, once meet municipal planning changes, lively area will become a rare place, which is being developed in the area have great investment space, therefore, open the brand underwear store location, it is best to know more about the future of the development area. In addition, we must pay attention to the future competition in the region. Underwear store location to consider the location of the surrounding environment. There are several women’s clothing shop, beauty salon, hair salon, so that we can drive each other, very favorable.

The attention of the

3. price


location, surrounding environment, traffic conditions, the construction of different structures, the price will be different. Open underwear store get together to grasp a degree. When there are more than two or three underwear shop around, your brand underwear store must have features, take different routes, the difference in price, function, decoration, design style, otherwise it is difficult to win. Now on the market are mostly ordinary underwear underwear shop, if you open a Sakuna body shaping underwear store is a good choice. Open brand underwear stores, entrepreneurs should consider the cost of the entire store. If in the commercial plaza, shops rent is very important, but the mall management is more important, the management and operation process is to ensure that investors make money later for a long time, so entrepreneurs must pay attention to the late business operations.


4. alliance venture "break up the whole into parts"

currently due to more than and 10 square meters of small shops are very popular, so high rents. And many of the new community development shops are often due to the area is too large and difficult to rent, the price will be >

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