From digging manure to build tens of millions of enterprises his life is a miracle

who can think once unknown to the public work taofengong is now the general manager of the enterprise must value, it seems that his life in describing the one can not bring business power and hope for countless entrepreneurs.

Speaking of

3 23, the general manager of Weifang STO Co. Ltd in the office, while Pan Guofeng plays guitar, listening to the staff report. The 43 year old Pan Guofeng speaking voice, speech is not much but have a convincing power. Pan Guofeng said with a smile, he began playing guitar at the age of 12, and grew up is a playful move "the king of the children".

every day to dig dung

1995, 23 year old Pan Guofeng graduated from the Department of civil engineering, Southwest Jiao Tong University, under the arrangement of his parents, came to work in a state-owned enterprise in Weifang. "My parents for a lifetime in the field, so they hope that I can stay in Weifang, preparing for their roots." Pan Guofeng said, at that time, for a newly graduated students, can have a decent job of state-owned enterprises undoubtedly hold recommendation

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