nventory investment and financing policies of the four cities

there are a lot of entrepreneurs are warriors, dare to take the risk of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial can always be one or two regardless of personal danger, but the money stumped, and successful missed. Today, in order to help these entrepreneurs overcome financial difficulties, the local government has also introduced a number of supporting policies, where the inventory of four cities investment and financing preferential policies.

[Guizhou] the main national business card, key support five types of entrepreneurs. First launched hotshots business, find out more skilled craftsmen, and proficiency in a particular line will be doing business people, train more rich leaders; the two is to guide home business, reduce business risk threshold and entrepreneurship, promote employment and Entrepreneurship of migrant workers nearby; three is to encourage students to entrepreneurship, accelerate the construction of the business park and business incubator, let students have the color of life the opportunity; four is to support the women’s entrepreneurship, carry out the "Jinxiu plan" action, promote the development of ethnic handicrafts special industries; the five is to promote science and technology entrepreneurship, play Zhongguancun Guiyang science and Technology Park and various industrial Park business platform, guide the personnel using scientific and technological achievements founder of private enterprises.

[Chongqing] Chongqing city to study the development of micro enterprises "1+3+3+3" policy support system, college students will be included in the policy support of key people. According to this policy, household micro enterprises can enjoy 30 thousand yuan to 50 thousand yuan venture capital grants a one-time grant of government, tax incentives less than 100 thousand yuan, and 150 thousand yuan less than the benchmark interest rate of unsecured business support loans and grants given to the proxy accounts, exhibition grants and social security subsidies of nearly 300 thousand yuan of financial support.

[Taizhou] to help entrepreneurs solve start-up capital, Tai’an city clear, and obtain a business license in the local entrepreneurs who may apply for subsidized loans secured venture. Relevant person in charge, the maximum amount of personal loans to apply for 300 thousand yuan, the highest amount of labor-intensive small businesses was $3 million, the maximum loan period of 3 years. Meet the conditions, by the financial sector announced by the people’s Bank’s benchmark rate over the same period were given 100% or 50% discount. In addition, college graduates can also enjoy a variety of venture capital subsidies and tax incentives.

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