Don’t sell what stall


put stall money, naturally want to sell products to be recognized in the market, and then make the fire. However, some of the products look good, in fact, is not easy to stall the sale of these products, naturally should not become the operators who sell products. So, don’t stall to sell what?

1: this colorful Nightlight, presumably a lot of people to sell, new exotic products, very short life, has also been too hot. But I did not quit, in large quantities into a lot, after July and August, finished, and then can’t sell. Put a year, second years of waste, the electronic light-emitting things, really can not put.

2, ceramic Nightlight: plug-in type, high input, need battery, inverter, display boards, and sold more than 1 thousand, now has more than and 400 home, almost did not make any money.

3, don’t stall selling imitation bowl: what? This is my worst, into the 3000 dollars of goods, did not sell for 300 dollars, this is the most pit father’s products, plastic, and most people do not accept.

4, shirts, men’s shirts, this product made last year, others sell well, I also follow a result can not even lose home, now the home and 500 pieces of code, with the new clothes, don’t touch, unless you want to die a miserable.

5, leggings: fire for a period of time, selling too many people, there is a pile of goods.

6, lighter: stall don’t sell what? In addition to the new year can be sold, the other time not to purchase.

7, UFO: shiny things, once sold out all the waste batteries.

8, space sticky: this thing has sold well, it will be said, the light recording, what are not used.

9, the aroma of stone: the stall don’t sell what? This is a liar and a trash, every time the closing time, the hands are riotous with colour I suspect, may be toxic, a box of 20 yuan that low cost, scary, sell when sweat, afraid of what the side effects they come up with me, when pregnant women want to buy, I refused.

10, grindstone: This is a more successful arena is to sell products, but I’m not good.

11, 2 yuan of products: a street vendor don’t sell what? This is really very tired, all the time, carry dozens of boxes of goods, with the dog tired, the product is not stable, but earn less.

12, Dichotomanthes leather.

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