Xining residents to participate in the enthusiasm of the rapid selection of star rated community

evening of second star community contest in December 13th popular, "community scenery line" column to participating in the 10 communities of the basic situation, community service concept, highlights the work all to show, and the allotment of director of community and community service hotline photos. This form immediately aroused public attention, many people give community evening news hotline, said the community show can not only let the masses know more about their community, but also enhances the function of community service.

Jia Xiaozhuang, a small old man named Su Tianrui on the morning of 17 with a letter of thanks to the newspaper, the reporter saw said: "I speak for everyone to give Jia Xiaozhuang community rated the vote, our community this year for the people to do a good thing, for the more than and 700" coal to gas ", planning running, even against the individual households has been blamed, for coordination, schedule, last week we have successfully pass on the heating area. Their pressure, difficulties, efforts, we all see in the eyes of the star rated community, the majority of households sent me to vote on behalf of!"

new century community, a young man surnamed Yang in the "community landscape" published on the same day eager to give reporters a call to be sure to step up their community. He said he was a terminally ill person, thanks to the community staff often and often come condolences to the reimbursement of medical expenses before running for help after he re ignited the hope of life, he thought that the community named star community fully deserve!

and the West apricot community residents have some call to reporters, said they have been organized on behalf of the community residents self assessment, although community hardware condition is not enough, may affect the stars, but it is the community staff and residents in heart, they actually cut these "three noes" hospital building, the laid-off workers do a lot of things, they are hopeful that they can comment on the star community.

evening star community selection activities, for the community to create a platform for learning and exchange, community between the indicators through the appraisal, timely summarize the advantages and disadvantages of its own, for the development of community service work has laid a good foundation. It is worth mentioning that the enthusiasm of the public participation, scrambling to call the evening news hotline to their scoring community, to the selection of activities to add unlimited vitality. (author: Chu)

wins the trust of residents in

garbage piled up, the residents of the home water pipes burst…… These small household affairs things every day in the twenty Pu Zhen Quan Bay community place, therefore, Spring Bay community staff always go on the jurisdiction of the masses are in high streets and back lanes, said the community do a lot of things for the people, living in the Spring Bay community more and more comfortable.

area of the disabled, low-income households, etc., is the most concerned about the community cadres. Since the establishment of the community and work, the Spring Bay community will focus on this part of the community as the object of assistance, the first thought of the festival community is that they. Spring festival;

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