Train station community service to promote harmony

The work of deepening the reform of the city around the community, community service system of train station innovative ideas, seriously practice the mass line, the creation of "123" and the establishment of "five card", summed up the "nine words", the demolition site, mobile population, commercial market more challenges into opportunities, build all-round, multi field services system. With sincere service, together to unite the party and the people, and constantly improve the ability and level of community service of the masses, and promote community harmony.

123 working method for cadres to ground gas


community created by the "123" working method, through the convening of the forum, individual interviews and other forms, listen to the suggestions of grassroots party members and community workers, residents of the masses comments on the educational practice, problems and development of the stability of people’s existing collection of grass-roots community organization construction of the party, Party members and cadres of the four winds aspects to solve the issues. Give full play to the "three class", "party distance education" platform, take individual self to be training, organization of Party members and cadres of the party’s mass line educational practice thematic learning provisions of the table of contents. To solve the problems of residents masses, focusing on the construction of learning oriented, service-oriented party organization, according to the actual community, adhere to the needs of the masses, asked with emotion with the responsibility of work style and efficiency, with questions asked asked to serve the people better, promote grassroots party members and cadres, down to earth, turn style.

set up five cards close relations of the masses

according to the characteristics of the party members of the community, the neighborhood committee arranged for the person responsible for filling out the situation registration card, the basic situation of the party members in the registration. Combined with the actual situation of the community and the work of Party members expertise, the establishment of 10 community posts to the post responsibility card organization party members in accordance with their own strengths and expertise, in accordance with the commitment to serve the community. The residents of the community elderly and vulnerable groups such as the phenomenon, indicate the basic situation and the content of the working party helping and helping object in "love helping card", the working party monthly in-depth contact requirements were helping condolences to families. Activity registration card in accordance with the party members to participate in various activities of the community of the time, place, events, record the results achieved. The working party members into the community residents can get the public supervision, set up a "public supervision card", regularly record in the post of party card, the implementation of "publicity, review", the work of the masses of Party members into community service community supervision.

with nine word tactic to bring together the hearts of the people


community in the real construction, feeling, fine, live, work, education, strict, poly ". Moreover, the residents do things" there are people who want to do, someone asked ". The establishment of "one-stop" community service center and small commodity wholesale city comprehensive service center, to provide a full range of services to the people of the area. The property will be classified as community security personnel, opened the public hotline – 8129145". In the residents of the hospital hanging grid member publicity card, issued for the people to serve heart to heart card, residents encounter a difficult problem can be solved, the cadres and network members of staff a "people’s diary". Hold the "winter summer people big stage performances,;

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