City Seismological Bureau to study and implement the spirit of the twelfth Party Congress

Recently, the Municipal Seismological Bureau held a plenary meeting to learn to convey the spirit of the twelfth provincial Party Congress

recently, the City Seismological Bureau held a plenary meeting to learn to convey the spirit of the twelfth provincial Party congress. The conference system studied the work report of Comrade Qiang Wei, the Secretary of the provincial Party committee, who insisted on "scientific development, deepening reform and opening up, and striving for a happier and better life for the people of all ethnic groups in Qinghai".

"report" in the review, Qiang Wei Secretary since the Eleventh Congress, determined the guiding ideology in the next five years in Qinghai Province, the overall deployment and target task, has made the comprehensive deployment of the construction of Qinghai Province, economic construction, political construction and cultural construction, social construction, ecological civilization construction and party, scientific planning Qinghai next five years of development of the guiding ideology, goal and strategic task.

through the full text of the report, the City Seismological Bureau staff to further enhance the sense of urgency and sense of mission. And the implementation of the spirit of the Party Congress arrangements. Meeting requirements: a to formulate the corresponding learning plan will focus on learning and self-study combined, through study and discussion, writing experience and other forms, to seriously study and deeply understand the connotation of the report; two to with the actual work in our city earthquake prevention and disaster reduction, carefully combing the "12th Five-Year" target planning, to ensure to carry out the work closely around the city center to work everything in good order and well arranged. three to accurately understand and grasp the spirit of the Party Congress, and the spirit of the meeting as a guide to promote our city earthquake disaster reduction work to a new level.


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