Our province lifelong learning activities week start

11 month 5 days, Qinghai province in 2016 to lifelong learning activities in my week Xinning square, week theme of "promoting national continuing education, accelerate the construction of learning society", week sponsored by the Provincial Department of education, occupation, education and Adult Education Association, Xining City Education Bureau, west district government contractors.

the activities of the 2 provinces and cities in the province’s 4 counties were held in the activities of the area covered by nearly 80%, more than doubled over the previous year, more than 36. Participate in the departments, units, activities to further expand the group, the content of the increasingly rich, so that lifelong learning has become the consensus of the whole society, become the consensus of the majority of the province’s action. It is understood that the province held a lifelong learning activities week, is the butt of lifelong learning needs, constructing service system, establish the consciousness of learning, creating a practical learning atmosphere, to deepen the education reform, to actively develop continuing education, improve the system of lifelong education and building a learning society. In order to make the activities carried out solid and effective, the provincial education department will work with relevant departments to promote the overall development of urban and rural construction of community education in our province, vigorously develop the education for the aged, actively carry out health education, carry out environmental education, and will carry out enterprise continuing education; on this basis, vigorously improve the government, industry guidance, cooperation the continuing education mechanism, promote the development of university continuing education standard, open the door to more social services, promoting the construction of learning city.


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