Hao Peng stressed that in Haidong and other research work to forge ahead and strive to become the pr

4 27 to 29, governor Hao Peng went to Longhua, Xunhua, Minhe, Ledu, peace, Jianzha and other places of research. He stressed that we should firmly establish the new concept of development, on the development of the goal is not to relax, do not shake, do not slack, forge ahead, work hard, and continuously made new achievements, efforts to make greater contributions to the development of the province.

spring season, Hehuang mountains ushered in a year of construction boom, how to progress in a series of major transport projects in our province implementation? Hao Peng is the focus of this research. Hao Peng has inspected the Yashenga to Tongren, vigorously longwuxia gorge, mountain to add water to the river, river and high Kawaguchi to people and to the small gap level highway construction. See the province’s longest highway tunnel – strong mountain tunnel, the construction of the water dragon bridge the Yellow River bridge and other key control projects progressing smoothly, Hao Peng very happy. He pointed out that to further highlight the traffic guiding role, to focus on the highway as the key transportation projects, strengthen communication and coordination, elaborate organization construction, to ensure timely completion of construction tasks, to provide support and guarantee for speeding up economic and social development.

as the birthplace of Hehuang culture, the main agricultural areas of our province, Haidong how to strengthen modern agriculture and cultural tourism, promote the development of industrial integration, foster new economic growth momentum, Hao Peng is very concerned about. In Longhua green agricultural and livestock development, poultry breeding base, Xunhua Yonghe people and grape cultivation base, Ledu branch high selenium enriched garlic deep processing project site, Hao Peng required to accelerate the construction of modern agricultural science and technology demonstration park in Haidong state, promote planting scale, standardized farming, the industrialization and modernization of facilities, and strive to build the province’s ecological the first area of agriculture, circular agriculture, efficient agriculture demonstration zone yangbanqu. Hao Peng pointed out that with the development of highway link, along the Lajia site, Gautama temple and other scenic spots more conditions, to further accelerate the construction of the Qinghai Tibet plateau tourism center, relying on abundant resources, the development of cultural tourism industry’s unique focus on shaping the gateway of Qinghai tourism brand image.

people and is the first Alibaba in cooperation with Taobao group in rural counties, the disabled Zhou Wanming responsible for the village shop is the first electricity supplier in the village convenient service point, at the same time, he has got a $30 thousand rebate last month, Hao Peng was highly praised by the spirit of unremitting self-improvement, and encouraged him to keep doing it. Hao Peng stressed the need to seize the opportunity to develop Internet plus e-commerce, new formats and new mode, accelerate the cultivation of rural e-commerce has become a new growth point, promote agricultural efficiency and farmers income and rural prosperity.

research, Hao Peng listened to the work report of the East Sea city. Hao Peng fully affirmed the work of economic and social development. He pointed out that the province has a pivotal position and role in the pattern of regional development in the province, to have a greater commitment, and strive to become the province’s economic development of new engines and power sources. Currently, the province is the golden season of production and construction, Haidong in accordance with the deployment of the provincial government, overall consideration, highlighting the focus on the structural reform of the supply side, continue to play the investment;

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