Qinghai issued new regulations to reduce the burden of medical treatment of the masses

In August 26th, the reporter learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, as a series of tightly woven prison in our province the basic livelihood safety net, our province has recently issued a formal "on notice" to further improve the system of medical assistance, to further improve the urban and rural medical assistance system, carry out a comprehensive major disease medical relief work.

"notice", our province will be in accordance with the "bottom line care, emergency difficult, basic and sustainable" principle, improve the medical care system, and gradually expand the scope of relief, improve the level of assistance. To strengthen the overall convergence, formed by the basic medical insurance system for basic medical insurance, as the supplement and medical assistance for the underpinning of the medical security system, to reduce the difficulties of the masses of medical expenditure. The scope of the relief objectIt is reported that the

, our province in the past based on the relief object, the object of expenditure based poverty relief "into the scope of relief. After the new object to increase the scope of relief for the residents of the province’s household registration, according to the affordability of their family medical expenses, divided into the following three categories:

– key: relief object identified by the local civil affairs departments of the poor support object (including the city three noes and five rural households, orphans, etc.) the minimum living object, in low-income families with severe disabilities, focus groups.

– low income assistance: approved by the civil affairs departments at or above the county level of the urban and rural low-income family members.

– Expenditure Based poverty relief object: suffering from serious diseases, medical expenses amount is relatively large, resulting in family life the plight of the urban and rural residents, the illness caused by the expenditure of poor families.

[key] medical aid policy rescue object

– adjusted insurance payment subsidy standards. To participate in the basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents, the focus of the object of assistance to the individual contributions to grant funds. Among them: the poor support object to give full funding and payment; other relief objects in accordance with the annual average of 50% of the area is not paid by the average funding.

– perfect outpatient assistance policy. For the poor to support the object of 360 yuan per person per year subsidy, no longer grant assistance to other objects. To establish the system of outpatient assistance for major diseases. The focus of relief object need chemotherapy for malignant tumor, chronic renal failure renal dialysis (ESRD dialysis), and organ transplant anti rejection therapy and hemophilia and other major diseases in the outpatient treatment occurred within the scope of the policy of outpatient service expenses, the basic medical insurance reimbursement, the remaining part to give medical assistance. Among them: the needy feed by 100% to give relief, other relief objects by 80% to give relief. Annual outpatient assistance limit of 10 thousand yuan per person.

– adjusted hospitalization assistance policy. Adjust the standard of hospitalization expenses. The focus of relief object during hospitalization medical expenses incurred in the designated medical institutions, the policy of relief, basic medical insurance and medical residents illness insurance reimbursement, remaining within the scope of the policy or compliance medical expenses to give relief. Among them: the poor support object to give 100% relief, each person lives every year;

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