Survey shows that 40% of the traffic accidents in Xining with change

10 minutes 8 cars random Lane

16:47 on May 6th, the Yangtze River Road, Howard city delicacy entrance road, from south to North in the direction of traffic flow is relatively large. The left side of the roadway, a bus is moving forward, a pickup truck and bus traveling in the middle lane side by side. Suddenly, a small truck hit the left direction, directly inserted into the front of the bus, the bus had to brake deceleration, avoid the occurrence of rub.

16:50, a taxi occupied the right lane, stopped for about four minutes before leaving. Followed by the vehicle can only run around, the rear of a number of vehicles whistle dissatisfaction.

in about 10 minutes, there are 8 vehicles random lane. Of these, 4 are taxis. See the slow ahead of the vehicle, the taxi will quickly go to the left or right side of the road, often making the traffic into chaos, more open.

a lot of change for


17, Tongren Road and road crossroads, from the high-speed exit of vehicles are waiting for the green light, turn green light, and a black SUV right turn lane the front is motionless, right behind the vehicle does not stop until the whistle, straight light, black SUV straight away.

17:10, Tongren Road and Victory Road intersection south of the viaduct, waiting to turn around the vehicle almost filled the entire lane. Near the road, the reporter found that the straight lane side by side, has been cut U-turn vehicles occupy, straight lane, 6 cars left turn lights flashing.

turn left when the green light, the two lanes of the vehicle at the same time turn to the left, the results of the road is too narrow, the four cars crowded together, who can not move. After waiting for the vehicle has been constantly whistling urged. At the same time, straight lane vehicles from time to time to find gaps in the left turn lanes gasser.

change is the driver has become one of the fuse of road rage, many drivers in the face of change gasser behavior, will shake off the window.

Xining 40% traffic accident and random Lane

What is the most common uncivilized traffic behavior on the

? What is the harm?

Qinghai high-speed traffic police detachment police said, the highway change behavior of great harm, on the one hand, seriously affect the normal traffic order, impede the rear of the vehicle traffic, reduce traffic efficiency of the expressway, and to highway traffic safety especially buried under the risk of turning sections. The speed of the vehicle on the highway is fast, the driver’s reaction time is short, and it is easy to cause the serious traffic accident.

Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment official said

of Xining City, urban area, car phone, plugging, change, not by car guide;

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