There is a sand Feng just light heart

Sha Feng, in 1995 admitted to the East District Procuratorate of Xining City, Xining City People’s Procuratorate 2009 transferring. From 2000 the typist jobs into the Department of public prosecution, to perform their duties of loyalty and justice, her deep knowledge and careful, thoughtful and eloquent, Jieruchou and feelings of the people, assiduously enterprising and excellent quality and outstanding performance, for procuratorial work made positive contribution, has won widespread praise for the procuratorial organ. Thirteen years to deal with all kinds of criminal and criminal cases of more than 600 cases, the prosecution of the missing suspects, a total of 17 people, prosecution omission of the crime from the beginning of the investigation to change the qualitative investigation from the 19. The quality of the case is high, the effect is good, in the public prosecution positions on the spectrum to write a brilliant indictment poems. Has won the outstanding talent, Xining City, Qinghai Province, Qinghai Province, the top ten outstanding female prosecutors, the province’s procuratorial system. In Qinghai Province, the ten outstanding young guards, Qinghai Province outstanding communist party member, the third national outstanding prosecutor, national political system, outstanding Party members and police national model prosecutor "honor the title in January 2014, and won the" people’s satisfaction of the civil service".
justice justly law enforcement power
"impartial law enforcement, strict enforcement of the law" is the lifeline of procuratorial work. Sha Feng started from hosting the case, the "justice" as the highest requirements of law enforcement, always do the case impartially, upright and outspoken, put the effort in the sleeves swaying with every soft breeze; "quasi" word, always be strictly related facts, strict case evidence, strict qualitative case closed. In the face of major and complicated cases, she is always active Qingzhan, war to win. In 2003, Xining happened to Ma led the 26 defendants to intentional injury, robbery, rape, major criminal cases of illegal guns and other multiple charges, Qinghai province is the first crime Mafia since the new Chinese was established, the prosecution time, heavy task, responsibility and risk high, Sha Feng volunteered to face thick ten books, she worked tirelessly to work overtime, carefully marking one by one, questioned the defendant personally to the scene to do fieldwork, active communication, and investigators asked, made hundreds of pages of the review materials, every one of the defendant’s criminal facts and evidence and both of them have ready plans to meet a situation. Do families get news from Guangzhou, came to Xining to find Sha Feng, asked her to go, not a bribe, and the threats, was sternly refused, unmoved. Sha Feng and another prosecutor in court to support the prosecution, in the face of the 18 defenders, with her profound legal skills, flexibility and rigorous logical thinking to conquer every person present. She answered with ease, with full and strong evidence, the other side of the argument one by one to refute, so that each of the presence of the masses are angry glances to each defendant. Clear;

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