A young man of 6000 yuan investment loans 3 years to earn 10 million

delicious barbecue, think about to eat, especially the advent of the night, the street snack stalls stand up, the scene of the scene of your appetite. Barbecue business small investment, you can make the wealth of life. Today the whole network Xiaobian for you to tell a guy 6000 yuan investment when the catering manager barbecue business stories!

snapadoo. Chen Jixiong overnight to Shenzhen to recover 6000 yuan loan.

"5000 yuan to do business, this is really a small point, the facade can not afford to pay the transfer fee". Then, Chen Jixiong found a selling breakfast shop in Ruixiang road Hing Street, the store about more than and 20 square meters, can only be placed under the table 4.

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