Western thrift do a bright lantern

"red spring, the lights reflect western" this year, West District, in line with the principle of layout of Spring Festival Lantern money and do the horse safety lamp group, flourishing flowers, red light group fire spark lamp group…… These will allow the public to feast during the spring festival.

This year,

west area to save thrifty Spring Festival Lantern layout ideas, more dazzling, colorful lanterns group let people shine at the moment, feel the festive atmosphere of the spring festival. The area will be set up in Longmen, the five fork in the road, set up the horse safety lamp group in the five fork river garden, flourishing flowers set light group in kylin park entrance, 4 groups of lanterns set in the booming commercial Richpower lane. In addition the lantern material selection of energy-saving light source, steel structure and other parts to achieve recycling, the cost of the entire lantern festival than in previous years, half of the province.

during the Spring Festival, the west side of the building body lighting and light lanterns add radiance to each other, will make the area more charming night. It is understood that in 2013, the west area has been completed along the Kunlun Road 32 51 buildings, 39 single floor building 75 "golden roof" and kylin Bay Park, drop crest, Lu Qing Park 3 green landscape lighting to create beautiful, livable West West chelseagreat.


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