Bank of Xining City the ancient city of Taiwan savings to build civilized and standardized service

as the first billion yuan in Qinghai City, Xining Province, the ancient city of Taiwan savings has been the name of the Qinghai branch of ICBC’s famous brand. It is only once a traveler, or see it through 44 years of groundless talk of city residents in the banking association, China civilized norms service demonstration unit ", the staff with good occupation morality, with strong business skills, service to our customers in dribs and drabs, engraved in the hearts of the people of the ancient city of plateau.

solid service work cornerstone

over the years, the ancient city of Taiwan savings to carry out the "customer first" occupation moral education activities, "all for customers, for all customers, find customers, find the treasure" service action song, let civilized service quality become the conscious action of each employee. Carry out a civilized industry, built with window "theme educational activities, the" Eight Honors and Eight Disgraces ", national integrity education, citizen moral construction into employee occupation moral construction, the construction of regulations and compliance management category. By morning, Zhou Ping, after class learning education staff adhere to the "loyalty, dedication, enthusiasm, diligence, precision industry," as the motto to motivate yourself to do a good job services. Adhere to the service standardization construction as the focus, to carry out "quality service to customer satisfaction" as the theme of promoting high-quality civil service activities, to create a "youth civilization", "women civilization shifangang", "civilized norms service demonstration unit" as the carrier, to "strict, standardized, cautious, integrity and innovation" as the criterion, constantly sum up experience and constantly improve the process, not only the level of financial services in the hardware construction, business process reengineering, to the customer in order to find everything fresh and new feeling, more important is a qualitative leap in the management idea, management mode, operation results and civilization construction window.

ancient city station from the deepening of the connotation of services, focusing on the quality of staff and the overall quality of training and upgrading. Combined with the actual, young employees more individualized, enhance skills, in addition to the lectures and post competition and other ways to improve employee skills, but also actively carry out love education, telling the spirit of enterprise, to the enterprise culture influence and excellent staff; timely carry out the service standard specification and test knowledge, supervise staff fully grasp the knowledge service. In the details of the service, to create a moving service target, constantly sum up experience, overcome shortcomings, combined with the specific cases of services, in-depth analysis, revealing problems, analyze the reasons, find out the best service method and the way of expression. All kinds of qualification certification exam each year in the selection of personnel to participate in the banking industry, and in accordance with the standard of policy implementation to obtain the relevant certificate of employees incentives, enhance staff quality, and constantly improve the level to provide financial services to customers. At present, there is a financial manager to obtain international financial planner qualification (CFP), two financial managers to obtain a qualified financial planner (AFP).

continue to optimize the service process


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