Xining west district cadres and the masses to see Tibet past and present word vicissitudes

recently, Xining west district towns do and district offices held a documentary film "Tibet: past and present" watch the discussion activities, everyone agreed that the film "Tibet: past and present" is a good material for new and old Tibet comparative education, is to introduce Tibet, show an important window of Tibet, Tibet’s propaganda, but also expose and criticize the Darai group. Darai, revealed the strong evidence of a lie. We will cherish the hard won situation today, consciously safeguard the reunification of the motherland, strengthen national unity, and conscientiously do their own work, to contribute to the stable development of Qinghai.

March 11th, West District Xining city tiger Taiwan Street Party Committee Organization Department, village, community and all the staff members and representatives of residents on behalf of the informal discussion in view of the "Tibet: past and present" documentary. Everyone agreed that the documentary "Tibet: past and present" by a large number of valuable historical documents, images and archives so eloquently proved Tibet since ancient times is an inalienable part of Chinese, a true reflection of the theocratic Tibet in 1959 before the democratic reform of the feudal serfdom, behind the dark and cruel, showing the democratic reform 50 years of snow covered plateau in the political, economic, cultural and social life of the changes in turn the world upside down. The medical community Cai Xi an old Party member said with deep feeling, the vast majority of the old Tibet Tibetan compatriots living in misery, even life are not guaranteed, and today the Tibet beautiful scenery, people live and work in peace, happiness, freedom of religion, which fully embodies the inclination of the Party Central Committee in Tibet and the importance of a variety of policy so, Tibet has a thriving scene. Cadres should be hung Kim said: "so many pictures and objects reflect Tibet since ancient times is an inalienable part of Chinese, really should let the" Tibet independence "elements to see, they are the true history of blind?" Resident Qi Xiusheng said excitedly: "not only in Tibet, all over the country under the leadership of the Communist Party of China has undergone tremendous changes. Only under the leadership of the party and the government, only in the premise of peace and stability, Tibet and other places of the majority of compatriots in order to achieve better development and better days."


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