Xining Xiamen the development of resource sharing linkage to open up the tourism market

in order to achieve win-win development of tourism, in July 30th, Xiamen tourism promotion group to carry out publicity and promotion in our city. This is the city of Xiamen and strengthen the sharing of resources, the source of mutual cited, market docking, joint development, and jointly create a larger scale, a higher level of specific embodiment of the tourism network.

exotic Gulangyu Islet, shady botanical garden, mysterious and elegant in southern Putuo, Zhenhai Hulishan fortress…… With "urban construction in the city, sea, sea, mountain dependent scenes" the beautiful natural scenery of Xiamen, has always been the ideal destination for foreign tourists. In order to fully demonstrate the overall image of Xiamen, Xiamen Tourism Bureau and tourism enterprises focus on the promotion of the city’s tourism products are: tourism, business exhibition, leisure tourism three brands. At the same time focus on promoting the most convenient route to Taiwan tourism.

Xiamen Municipal Tourism Bureau relevant responsible person said, the original ecology of the Xining plateau scenery and rich cultural diversity, bright and colorful Hehuang folk tourism products, as well as the unique cool climate, to the people of Xiamen are very attractive. The Municipal Tourism Bureau official said, Xiamen city tourism promotion is not only a good opportunity, I learn from the experience and practice of tourism development, will further promote exchanges and cooperation in tourism, realize the complementary advantages of tourism resources, for tourists to provide more abundant tourism products. (author: Sheng Nan)

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