Qinghai Second Entrepreneurship Competition Exhibition held in the exhibition innovation and entrepr

8 month 26 days to 28 days, by the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the Provincial Department of finance, the provincial education department, provincial science and Technology Department, Qinghai Provincial Communist Youth League and other 11 units jointly sponsored "Qinghai entrepreneurs, help you fly" Chinese Bank Cup · the second Qinghai Province entrepreneurship contest held in Qinghai International Exhibition Convention and Exhibition center. Activities for the province to promote the "double" work, promote scientific and technological achievements into practical productive forces will have a profound impact.

It is reported that

, the second entrepreneurship competition exhibition aims to reflect our province masses innovation achievements, to fully demonstrate the entrepreneurial innovation and pioneering spirit of the times, the incentive of the masses into the economic and social development. By strengthening entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship and financial support for interoperability, mutually beneficial cooperation, and strive to make all kinds of entrepreneurial projects in our province to blossom. Since the start of the event, municipalities, States, respectively, held a unique entrepreneurial contest landing and selection, recommended a number of local characteristics of the outstanding entrepreneurial projects show. The results of the entrepreneurship contest exhibition scale, more projects, rich and vivid, covering more than and 10 areas and industries, innovation and entrepreneurship into more than 290 fruit. Both scientific and technological achievements, but also product marketing; both new technologies, new products, and innovative projects recommended.

"we want through entrepreneurial achievement exhibition, to create a good social atmosphere to encourage innovation and support entrepreneurship in the whole society, and strive to inspire the masses of the potential for innovation and creativity, entrepreneurship and the promotion of employment, to bring more people to the road of innovation and entrepreneurship, realize their entrepreneurial dreams. I hope the majority of entrepreneurs dare to explore, innovation, entrepreneurship in the tide of self-worth, in the future to create a brilliant life." Deputy director of the Provincial Department of human resources and social security Su Quanren said.


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