Xining City Bureau of industry and commerce to investigate and deal with three cases of illegal pyra

recently, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry to actively crack down on illegal pyramid selling activities, has been investigated and dealt with three cases of illegal pyramid schemes.

In March 25th,

, Industrial and Commercial Bureau at the branch of the city, north of the city and even bargain branch joint action in the Garden Tree Village rental destroyed together in Chongqing, mainly from Sichuan, Hunan, Jiangxi and other personnel marketing organization, marketing leader arrested 4, sent more than 100 people involved in MLM people. After investigation, the marketing organization to high returns as bait, and introduce good work, do business under the guise of relatives and friends, lured away from home to Xining, and take the restriction of personal freedom and "brainwashing" means of deception or forcing others to participate in marketing activities. The MLM organization to sell a lifetime of nourishing wine under the guise of a few months to participate in the development of marketing staff of more than 200 people.

the evening of April 3rd, the city of Industrial and Commercial Bureau City branch in Nanchuan road in a rented room and seized by the sale of "life luck tonic wine" marketing activities under the guise of the organizations involved in the marketing staff are from Chongqing, 7 sales personnel involved are manager and director level. They are more relatives, friends, students for the development of the object, the formation of the relationship between the upper and lower levels, the development of 57 Members or to sell the product set to become the director of the level of 57, said the director level, the company returned $245 thousand in cash. In this regard, law enforcement officers on the spot after the screening of the education of the MLM personnel involved.

at 18 on April 11th, the City Administration for Industry and Commerce Bureau Nanshan Road Industrial and commercial staff on duty received a phone call, saying in Xining City, South Street, No. 56 in the stone garden, unit 10, the building was suspected of pyramid schemes. After receiving the report, law enforcement officers immediately. After investigation, a man named Yang Chengxiu from Qinghai women through the electronic network, to "Shaanxi Province issued by the Agel Ecommerce Ltd to pay a $2480 fee, the establishment of" network center century "status in Xining, and purchased some health care products R & D and production of the company, and to introduce others to join in the form of development the assembly line, to the time of the incident has been off the assembly line 6.

at present, these three pyramid schemes are under further investigation and handling.


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