Province issued 114 million 750 thousand yuan to continue to increase investment in water and gas

this year, the province will continue to increase investment in water conservation, for strengthening project funds totaling 114 million 750 thousand yuan of key projects and dams and national soil and water conservation, sustainable building green Qinghai.

recently, the Provincial Department of Finance issued a notice of soil and water conservation project grant funds in 2016 2016, the central budget for 74 million 750 thousand yuan of national soil and water conservation key projects and dam reinforcement project allocation of grant funds allocated to the project counties; the provincial government invested 40 million yuan of funds for the construction of the ecological environment of soil and water conservation. Compared with 2015, the provincial financial and soil conservation special funds increased by 7 times.

up to now, the central financial subsidy funds to implement the Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County Hua tower basin by using our province comprehensive control project of 10 small watershed management project, and Huangzhong County Ditch note No. 1 key dam reinforcement project 10 dam reinforcement project has been completed technical proposal review and obtain approval department approval the disbursement of funds, will be in place to carry out a comprehensive soil and water conservation work, strive to basically complete the task of governance within the year, the province will improve the ecological environment and agricultural development environment, boosting the precise poverty, protect the people’s livelihood and ecological civilization construction play a positive role.


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