The second session of the Qinghai Cup College Students nnovation and entrepreneurship contest start

Jointly organized by the Qinghai provincial science and Technology Department, Qinghai Provincial Communist Youth League, the Qinghai provincial finance department, Qinghai branch of Bank of communications, Qinghai Provincial Productivity Promotion Center, Qinghai Youth Business Park Co hosted the second bank Cup "contest of innovation and Entrepreneurship of college students in Qinghai province was officially launched in April 6, 2016. The contest with "Chi · Department of the Qinghai, Gen. · to win the future" as the theme, aims to provide a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship students realize the dream, cultivating innovative talents and teams, mobilize students’ innovative and entrepreneurial enthusiasm and creativity, and promote the construction of College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship culture.

it is understood that the contest registration time for April 1, 2016 to May 30th. The game time is from June 10, 2016 to July 15th, were divided into preliminaries, semi-finals and finals competition, mainly for college students, college students’ innovation team founded the science and technology enterprises. Contest set up enterprise groups and team groups, each group set up one or two, three and other awards and winning prizes, and were set up with special funds to support the bonus.

, director of the provincial science and Technology Department source said, according to the college students’ entrepreneurial experience, entrepreneurial technology needed by the limited source of actual situation, in 2016 Second National College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship competition, on the basis of 2015, will continue to build entrepreneurship for college student entrepreneurs expert and mentor Library, in-depth propaganda and training more entrepreneurs; and carry out intellectual property related lectures counseling in Colleges and universities in Qinghai organization, propaganda and implementation of intellectual property application process, funding policy, transactions of the content; in the Qinghai Provincial Intellectual Property Office opened a green window, dedicated line services for college students, has sorted out the intellectual property rights to promote library. The index selection for college students.

the ceremony also invited the relevant departments of venture investment management companies, professional outstanding entrepreneurs and banks, the Intellectual Property Office of the person in charge, respectively, in the form of PPT for details of the participants on behalf of venture investment and financing mode, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial experience, financial support policy, patent policy and other aspects of entrepreneurship.


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