The city’s work highlights scanning

In 2015, strong guidance and strong leadership of the provincial Party Committee Organization Department of the municipal Party committee, Xining municipal organization stick around the central task, "Xining party building work at the forefront of the province" as the goal, adhere to the problem oriented, strengthen the competition consciousness, the implementation of strict requirements, solid carry out three strict three special education, and further promote the "the key tasks of building, with the" eight to "establish a new norm of selection and supervision and management of cadres, to build grassroots party building upgrades in order to carry out the project of the party building work, to create new heights to demand Juzhi talents flow channels docking talents to cadres of professional ability construction into the rule of new power strictly, annual work organization presents many highlights.

highlights: a problem oriented traction three strict three special education work. According to the municipal deployments, effectively assume the lead to the sum of the organization and implementation of responsibility, deep grasp the fine overall arrangement, strict supervision to ensure the effectiveness of. The leading team of the Municipal Committee and municipal leadership, all localities and units and carry out the study and education, strengthen the disciplinary rules consciousness, has always been the focus of the problem, adhere to enact change, to solve a number of "lax false" problems. People feel the normalization of cadres style building of the new weather, give a positive evaluation of special education.

two highlights: fine grasp research co-ordination to promote the "three basic" building key tasks to finish. Last year, is "building" two years off "a crucial year, in accordance with the deployment of the provincial Party Organization Department, seize the" construction of key task is not to relax, and play the lead in the total catch duties to the grass-roots party construction work is leading to institutional innovation as the key to the basic ability standard as a means of refinement, responsibility follow up, and comprehensively promote the 46 key tasks to implement the "construction investment of nearly 300 million yuan of special funds. "The work of the city’s construction has become a general starting point.

Three Highlights: "four zone five zone" "district party" projects to enhance the overall function of the grass-roots party construction. Basic level organization construction is the basic work of organization work. For the rural community construction demonstration little more scattered and non-public economic organizations "two cover" the problem of low in the four district to build 4 community party construction in the core area, three county to build 5 Rural Party demonstration zone, more concentrated in the city of non-public economic organizations area to build the 4 Party Party "circle" the new advantages of the regional joint party building, Party construction scale and play a leading role of radiation, has been highly affirmed the provincial Party Committee Organization department.

four highlights: grassroots organizations to improve the operation of funds to provide a strong guarantee for the service of the masses. To use limited funds in the grassroots foundation on the cutting edge, invested 44 million 120 thousand yuan to implement the 119 Village (community) office service center upgrade project, strengthening the construction of positions; coordination of City financial expenditure 7 million 775 thousand yuan, for the first time in the city’s administrative villages category redefinition of village level operation funds generally increased 10 thousand to 20 thousand yuan; the community is generally higher than the province’s standard operating expenses 30 thousand yuan; especially last year for the first time for each community to carry out 100 thousand yuan of special funds to serve the masses, effectively enhance the ability of community service people. ;

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