The city went into the forest and embraced the city

– the municipal government executive through "the overall planning of Xining city forest construction" building concept: Plateau Huacheng, forest Xining, xiadou – space layout: a charm, nuclear two zone, three axis, the city of Victoria, park

in the city conscientiously implement the party’s eighteen big spirit and the community to vigorously promote the process of ecological civilization, the critical moment, efforts to build livable Xining in February 26th sixteenth, the municipal government executive meeting examined and adopted the "forest city construction planning of Xining (2012-2020)" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan").

2015: mountain city integration, Lin Shui dependencies, Lin Road phase contrast, Lin residence embedded

as a heavyweight in the process of creating a national forest city, "planning" for us to outline a "let the city into the forest, so that the forest embrace the city," the green Xining. "Plan" shows that the construction of forest city in our city is divided into construction, forest city ecological environment system construction, forest city ecological industry system construction, forest city ecological culture system of forest resource in city security capacity building.

to 2015, fully meet the National Forest City indicators. The city’s forest coverage rate, urban green coverage rate, urban park green area per capita reached 32%, 40%, 12 square meters, the initial formation of mountain forest, forest and water dependent blending, contrast, Lu Lin Ju space city forest ecosystem pattern is embedded.

to 2020, the city’s forest coverage rate increased to 33.5%, urban green coverage rate reached 45%, urban per capita green area increased to 15 square meters, the city where the fresh air, lush vegetation, mountain valley, the village scenery beautiful flowers blooming like a piece of brocade, make Xining become a bright pearl of the plateau city.

construction concept: Plateau Huacheng, forest Xining, charm of summer

"plateau Huacheng" — that is to fully demonstrate Xining’s natural landscape of great beauty and rape flowers, tulips, lilac et flowers characteristics. The application of a large number of plateau characteristics of flowers, to create large-scale landscape of flowers, and promote the integration of urban and rural construction, to create a more attractive landscape of the city of the city of the plateau lilac.

"forest Xining" – is to fully rely on the natural landscape of Xining, the construction of the plateau characteristics of forest city. Through the forest city construction, formed in the city surrounding forest landscape as the background, the city park, road, waterfront landscape forest base, small green to supplement the city forest system, build the city rich plateau ecological forest environment affinity.

"charm xiadou" is fully reflected in Xining city forest landscape and city development characteristics. Strengthen the river green landscape construction, the formation of "forest and water dependent, green belt through the city" picture of the city, improve the theme of landscape, to create a more comprehensive environmental impact Chinese leisure summer. <;

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