The Lake District in the number has exceeded 90 thousand double bursting popularity opportunities

January 4th, the reporter learned from the Sea Lake New District Management Committee, as of now, the number of new Lake Lake area has exceeded 90 thousand, new formats, new businesses continue to emerge. Set leisure, shopping, dining, office as one of the 10 minute living circle gradually formed.

in the city, the lake district will further enhance the carrying capacity of the city. Break through the broken road, eliminate the blocking point, strengthen the construction of branch network, improve the microcirculation system. Construction of beautiful water Street East extension Road, crossing salt Zhuang bridge engineering, Haiyan road and Wen Ting Xiang connection section of the road, North Street, Kunlun Avenue completed landscape project construction, provide a good environment for the new mass travel. For many years have been opened for use in the sea Yan Road, West Main Street, such as the implementation of the road 6 road remediation, green quality improvement projects, to create distinctive, beautiful and elegant image of the city.

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