Five development of the concept of green development in Qinghai chase tide

because we are taking the road of green development, the enterprise is to build a high scientific and technological content, low resource consumption, less environmental pollution of the industrial structure, so for enterprises to inject a strong vitality. Even in the face of the economic downturn in the environment, companies are still booming sales." Lin Songlin, general manager of Qinghai crystal optoelectronics Co., Ltd., for the concept of green development related to the enterprise, there is a real understanding and understanding.

is located in the Delingha circular economy industrial park of the company, is a focus on circular economy to extend the industrial chain of enterprises. It takes Xining (National) economic and Technological Development Zone Asia silicon industry polysilicon production as raw materials, strung new energy industry chain, crystal silicon solar cell production with the rapid rise of new energy industry’s popularity by boat ", Everfount products to photovoltaic power plants and other ascendant green new energy market in the formation of green development way at the same time, occupied the commanding heights of economic growth.

, the company’s total investment of 1 billion 500 million yuan, completed by the end of the period, which will form an annual output value of up to $3 billion 600 million production capacity. At the end of last year after the completion of the first phase of the project put into production, the product has been in short supply, then put into operation the year revenue, which is our time to seize the ‘weather’, ‘favorable’ results." Lin Songlin’s words are full of confidence.

reporter saw a workshop full automation of the production line, just finished the assembly line immediately loaded Sinotrans, presented in a methodical busy.

, our assembly line is a few classes every day, even in the new year’s day thirty, the first day is overtime, so supply demand is also tight. Judging from the current situation, the company aims to 1 billion yuan this year, when the output value is not difficult." Shop manager Tao Shengbei full of confidence. Products in short supply can not be seen.

confident and confident, from the capture of the "days"". This day, this enterprise is fully aware of the green low-carbon circular economy as the era of technological revolution and the industrial revolution in the direction of profound insights into the green industry is the most promising and the most potential, the most hopeful sunrise industry.

"is the green enterprises in the development of wind vane, starting at the beginning, it blocked the entrance of hazardous materials, improve resource utilization, reduce waste emissions, strengthen waste disposal, the whole industry chain from the green product design, development and production of the product packaging, product distribution, so as to achieve the economic, ecological and social the benefits of" three birds with one stone." Lin Songlin said the green concept into the benign effect of the development of enterprises, the words quite profound. In particular, the country launched the supply side structural reform and supply side force to support the development of green industry and recycling economy, which will enable enterprises to usher in a better development opportunities."

"days" of the Qinghai crystal photoelectric Limited company to the green development path "to" give a favor, but in Lin Songlin’s opinion, the enterprise to seek better development, "location" also gives enterprises more broad development space is precious and the future hope. <;

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