College students entrepreneurship shop opened two months to earn 70 thousand yuan

now the employment situation is not good, many college students after graduation, will face the embarrassing situation of employment difficulties, which makes many college students are looking for a new way out. Sophomore horse into the shop two months turnover reached $70 thousand, he is how to start it? Let’s listen to his story.

"Taobao class" aroused the entrepreneurial dream

"almost all" Taobao class’ students are registered in the shop, began to understand the background, operation, most people are selling cosmetics, clothing, shoes and hats, but most of the students did not sell these goods to earn a pot of gold". Ma Cheng told reporters, a shop just opened when only a dozen transactions, according to the credibility of two hearts. Last summer, Ma and other 2 students together, was recommended by the school to Hangzhou to participate in a week of "Taobao University" summer camp activities. Through this training, he had a thorough grasp of the business ideas and mode of operation of the shop, to the students, friends and others put all sorts of things together 15 thousand yuan, in March this year to purchase a number of general merchandise, for online and offline sales. Although, after a few days of hard work, the horse into almost all sold out, but he did not earn any money.

"school stalls 90% commodity selling online, online only dozens of business, sales of only two thousand yuan". According to Ma analysis, daily net is not selling the main reason is the way in the classroom and dormitory there are several supermarkets, general merchandise is not suitable for students online shopping. The horse is very optimistic about the failure, when the instructor will teach us what problems encountered, and different situations do different processing. But the experience of others is always others, do not do our own will never get those experiences."

"in addition to print ads posted in the campus, but also through the Baidu Post Bar, 58 city, micro-blog, WeChat etc."

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