Gialen to make money

Guerlain beauty franchise stores, shop is earned, good business. How about joining Guerlain? Small entrepreneurial choice to join the Guerlain beauty project, open a Guerlain beauty franchise, it is worth choosing, it is worth, you are still hesitant what?

Guangzhou is the starting point for the cause of Guerlain beauty, but also to join the camp Guerlain beauty. According to the latest Gialen official website data show that as of the end of December 2011, Gialen to reach more than 140 shop in Guangzhou City, District, street fashion mainstream, students agglomeration of University City, and other local communities located in Guangzhou, convenient for people to nearby shopping. In early March 2011, Gialen joined the number of stores in Guangzhou reached 100, the number of stores in a single city, more than the Watsons cosmetics retail chain, in the first place, open the industry trend.

Guerlain beauty chairman Cai Ruqing said, Guerlain beauty pursuit is to become a part of the lives of ordinary people, Guangzhou shop can better reflect the pursuit of Guerlain beauty." Facts have proved that Guerlain has joined the United States has been deeply rooted in Guangzhou, has become part of Guangzhou, a part of the lives of ordinary people in Guangzhou. Cai Ruqing also revealed that in 2012, the United States will also join the beauty shop in the city of Guangzhou, when the store will reach more than 200 stores in Guangzhou.

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Gialen Yunfu area franchisee Wang San, the shop put the goods with an area of 130m2, located in the times square of the gold position, can effectively set groupkey flow. In order to improve the popularity of the store, in the opening day of the time limit, seckill shopping sweepstakes, discount, shop to receive other forms of promotional activities, efforts to repay consumers, attracted many consumers come in a throng.

for Gialen join, Wang Sheng said confidently, as the largest local cosmetics retail chain China, Gialen with layout, the supply of goods and logistics transportation and other advantages and brand appeal, will their own strength and Gialen combine the advantages of the program in 2012 opened up several, or even 10 that will join the to expand to Yunfu and its surrounding areas.

at the same time, Wang Sheng also realized that let more people know the beauty of Xinxing County Guerlain, Guerlain beauty, buy cosmetics to go to Guerlain beauty, is an important work in hand.

choose to join the Guerlain beauty project, their own work. Simple way to join, a trusted choice. If you join Guerlain beauty project, is also very exciting. Just move on! Why hesitate?

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