On the eve of a hundred Tianjin impoverished youth won the opening gifts Business

many children in the near future and gradually ushered in the opening, but for some children from poor families, in the opening period, get a special gift, this is from the city of Tianjin, Jiangsu chamber of Commerce and the Tianjin youth development foundation to bring them, let them become rich and colorful life of the new semester.

in the past year the Spring Festival, Tianjin hundreds of poor young people and their families to harvest a special package, this package is made by the Tianjin chamber of Commerce in Jiangsu, Tianjin youth development foundation through 50 thousand yuan donation charity to raise the replacement of the scene.

donation in Tianjin Nankai schools, visually impaired Sports Center Street community, Hongqiao District, Hexi District special education school, school cultivate love dream chorus the children of poor families, to mobilize social forces to pay attention to and participate in public welfare undertakings, in order to have the power to support education poverty, let the children enjoy the same family poverty quality education, enjoy the warmth of family from society, grow up to return society. The event launched the two sides decided to hold this kind of public welfare activities before the Spring Festival every year.

has a social understanding of love help, can let more people see the positive energy of the community, so many people felt from the Tianjin municipal government’s care, a little bit of social positive energy, enough to let more children in the future learning on the road more smoothly, they can help Study hard.

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