What services should pay attention to the whole open chicken shop

chicken shop is currently much of our attention, own a chicken shop, need to pay attention to what the service is better? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction, I hope you will pay more attention to this.

chicken stores should establish the service consciousness, in general, snack stores members to establish their own quality of service from three aspects: one is to understand the guide duties, which stood in the store’s point of view, guide the duty is to do the terminal sales, while standing on the perspective of the customer. Chicken stores to do what services? The responsibility of the shopping guide is to do a good job of customer service – only to customer satisfaction, sales performance can be gratifying. Two is to understand the customer is a friend, because the customer is the source of hot sales performance. Three is to understand the service can create value, because the quality and professional services to attract more customers and create more sales opportunities, that is, first-class service to create first-class sales performance.

chicken stores to do what services? Chicken stores should use the standard service in sales, there are three main requirements: 1, check their appearance meets the specifications. 2, keep the store clean and beautiful, do a good job shop before the product inspection. 3, adjust the attitude, that no matter how the mood in front of the shop, five minutes before must be adjusted to the relaxed, happy and confident good shop, just wait for the arrival of sweetheart, keep the best state, to give the customer the best first impression.

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for entrepreneurs to open when the chicken chicken franchise franchise, what to do? In order to make the project succeed in the market, so in the shop when the service content of brand stores to master do a detailed understanding, then stores can be in the market for development, and the above is for entrepreneurs to open when the chicken franchise, need to master the content of service make the


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