Guilin to buy drugs to reduce the price of drugs zero sales


in life countries do a lot of Huimin work, but there is a health insurance card today, many pharmacies is also the price of the sold price, than the online purchase of common drug, have cost 3 times the price is not surprising. According to the high price phenomenon, our reporter from the Guilin of Guangxi City Planning Commission was informed that the city on the 10 day in the city public hospital implementation of zero profit drug sales policy, drug zero sales slip according to the actual purchase price.

it is understood that the Guilin City, the implementation of zero profit drug sales policy of public hospital of Guilin People’s Hospital, Guilin Second People’s Hospital, Guilin Third People’s Hospital, including Guilin, Guilin City MCH Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine hospital, Guilin Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine (Dermatology, hospital), Guilin Stomatological Hospital, Guilin City Social Welfare Hospital 8 municipal public hospitals; autonomous implementation Nanxi Hill Hospital, Affiliated Hospital of Guilin Medical College; the 181st Hospital of PLA may refer to.

the price adjustment was up and down, the price is mainly of large medical equipment examination and treatment and inspection, the price is mainly embodied in the value of labor and technology of medical personnel, emergency diagnosis and surgical nursing etc.. At the same time, the adjusted service items according to the provisions included in the basic medical insurance coverage, improve the price of parts according to the provisions of the basic medical insurance policy to pay (expense items except), medical insurance patients and hospital outpatient service fee can be paid from the part of the cost of personal accounts, general insurance, medical personnel not to increase the personal burden of medical expenses the principle of.

After the implementation of drug zero sales policy

, the city’s public hospitals will be compensated by the original service charges, drug plus income, government subsidies three channels, to service charges and government subsidies for the two channels.

for public hospitals due to the implementation of drug zero sales and reduce the reasonable income, government subsidies 15%. The scope of financial subsidies for the inclusion of public hospitals in the city of Guilin reform of public hospitals. The army hospital and grant funds to resolve the original channel. The Municipal People’s Government shall give encouragement and support to the Municipal People’s government for a special case.

Guilin to buy medicine prices, the implementation of zero rate of drug sales, so that more people need to buy medicine in the life of a reasonable price to buy medicine, for the majority of the people’s rights is a real policy of huimin. In addition, the public hospitals for emergency treatment, the government designated Jiangxiao, AIDS and other public health services through examination according to the actual completion of the implementation of full subsidies, give appropriate subsidies on the policy loss of infectious disease, mental disease, skin disease hospital.

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