Fertilizer to the field you want to do business

city sewage system will have shit together to one place, but these excrement is not a simple matter, especially in some small towns, has not handled the perfect system, many people regard it as an annoyance, but it can also become a business opportunity!

send fertilizer tian! Now, is vigorously promoting ecological pollution-free cultivation, therefore, a large number of people in the city were sent to rural field, will become very popular with farmers. Operators can not only get a considerable amount of labor costs in the farmers who need fertilizer, but also in some units or users in the city to get a clean up fees, it can be described as one stroke.

in addition to the business outside, you can also adjust the furniture. Many people in the city sell old furniture that looks good, sell it at a low price, and buy new furniture. These old furniture, in some villages are very fashionable, very popular, investors may wish to buy the old furniture in the city to those places to sell, the business will be very prosperous.

also now mostly engage in diversified rural areas, farmers also found wide opportunities to get rich. Easy to understand the rich rural science and technology books can provide them with rich information and related knowledge, more and more popular with farmers friends. If you can provide some practical technical books for farmers to purchase or lease, there will be considerable income.

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