2013 will fire money items

What will

2013 do in the fire? Open a car decoration shop, will be your best choice. The number of cars is increasing, and the car has become an essential tool for the family. People love the car as much as they love their children.

A. investment in early

1. investment of about 5-10 million equipment investment: counters, facade decoration, computers and simple furniture, a one-time investment of about 20 thousand yuan.

2.3 months running costs: a new shop opened, to prepare for two or three months without business preparation, it is best to prepare for the first half of the operating costs of about 30 thousand yuan a month.

3. into the loan: the new store opened, the store should be ready about $20 thousand worth of car decoration materials. Of course, if there is a vendor willing to let you sell the decoration materials, sell and then settlement, the cost can be saved.

4. fee: in general, the registered capital of 500 thousand yuan enterprises, agency costs about $three thousand or four thousand.


1.: in the vicinity of the upscale residential area, rent a 20-40 square meters of facade, plus water and electricity and property management fees, the general cost of 2000-5000 yuan per month.

2. wages: open a car decoration shop, at least to hire an electrician and two film workers. Electrician monthly salary of about 1200-1500 yuan, about a thousand dollars a month film workers. Coupled with the staff to pay three gold, monthly salary of about 4000 yuan.

3. tax: fixed monthly tax of approximately $500.

4. monthly communication costs: not very high, about 1000 yuan on it.

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