2016 innovation and entrepreneurship in Chongqing and continue to introduce high end talent 71

in the national public entrepreneurship, innovation "of the call, there are a lot of people began his entrepreneurial path, of course, entrepreneurship is not a personal thing, if the relevant unit auxiliary words, the success rate of entrepreneurship will undoubtedly be higher. Today, the 2016 Chongqing international talent innovation and entrepreneurship fair officially closed. The fair signed a total of 92 projects, the introduction of high-end talent, nearly a thousand talents and the world’s top 500 enterprises, including hundreds of companies initially reached the employment intentions of the 71.

During the

meeting, the organizers simultaneously held three special recruitment, 265 units in the face of domestic and overseas management personnel to provide 1585 jobs, nearly 3500 jobs. At the same time, also organized a special promotion fair of Chongqing Liangjiang New Area (including the project in the new project, the FTA), thousands of people plan expert and overseas talent project promotion conference and Chongqing talent innovation and entrepreneurship project promotion conference three conference.

During the

conference, the United States Medical Academy of engineering, Song Guoli led the team won 25 million of the investment, will carry out the titanium alloy nano materials, joint prosthesis repair soil business; rapid diagnostic kit for plans to build an annual output of 80 million copies of the quantum dot fluorescent new biotechnology project will create the Messiah, biological diagnostic reagent industry cluster the southwest region’s largest.

is currently only on the market without glasses will be able to experience the 3D effect of the naked eye 3D mobile phone project contract settled in Shizhu county…… The success of the project will promote the signing of dozens of sophisticated projects, covering the Internet, bio medicine, finance, networking, equipment manufacturing and other emerging industries.

organizing committee, the participants of the innovative team mostly have the ability to continue to innovate or ability to convert results, the main research staff, including experts and professors of foreign well-known universities, research and development center, etc.. The successful signing of the project core staff of a high level of education, the majority of students returned or living overseas, involving more than a dozen countries the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, Japan, some entrepreneurs now multinational companies, research institutions and other senior positions.

2016 Chongqing innovation and entrepreneurship to continue, the introduction of high-end talent 71, in the future we look forward to the further development of the economy in Chongqing. In addition, the participants also has a wide range of sources, high level, professional personnel in Chongqing and combined with the characteristics of high degree of creative team, conversion ability, the professional field covering electronic information, bio medicine, modern service industry, manufacturing and other fields, and key industries of Chongqing high degree of node. During the fair, the signing of the project and the introduction of talent, but also boost economic and social development in Chongqing.

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