The cost calculation of lingerie store

now society, entrepreneurship not only need to find good projects, but also need to do a series of project budget, the only way to eventually get some wealth opportunities, a lingerie store will now need to budget.

identify consumer groups to find profitable projects, women earn good money? People in the industry know that women are the main consumer groups in the market, so how to make a woman’s money? Lingerie store.

lingerie stores investment budget

brand franchise fee: 10000 yuan

the first purchase fee: 18000 yuan -50000 yuan

decoration: 20 thousand yuan

Manual: general two individuals can, each 800 – 1000 yuan / month; hydropower: 200 yuan / month; total investment: 50 thousand – 8. 20 thousand yuan.

lingerie stores profit analysis

of entrepreneurs, mid-range underwear shop investment is less, you can join the 40000 yuan. You can choose the market in general, but the quality of the brand. If you do not rely on joining, choose their own group of goods, according to their own economic conditions will reduce the initial investment.

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