Out of the shadow of the failure of entrepreneurs to go through 6 stages

entrepreneurship is a good way to change the fate, but entrepreneurship is a risky thing, although entrepreneurs do not want to face, but sometimes it is inevitable failure. And entrepreneurs face failure, will experience from the shock, shirk responsibility step by step to reflect and comeback process. Out of the shadow of failure, entrepreneurs have to go through 6 stages.

failureThe first stage:

shock and surprise

90 days later, I found out that the performance of our game was so bad that no one wanted to buy them. Because the company has more than 120 employees, but also need to spend a lot of money, we quickly spent all the money, the company came to the brink of collapse.

second stages: deny this is your fault

third stages: anger and blame all the other people

this is definitely set up another co-founder of the company with my fault, because he is responsible for game development; this is certainly the engineer’s fault, because they have forsaken me; this is certainly the sales and marketing department is wrong, they should have told me how bad the game sells; it must be the wind the company’s fault, because they are unwilling to invest in the company; this is definitely the wrong Sega, because their game platform sucks.

fourth stages: depressed

when a huge failure can not escape when I sleep. There was a time when I got up late and then went to bed at 5 in the afternoon. I’m on

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