Lou Junping acting small food to make big fortune

small food, as the name implies, and will be a small combine, despite a good market, but the profit of a single product is limited, want to make money, naturally also need to grasp the relevant business skills. A small businessman Lou Junping, only five years, the average price of two dollars in the terminal around the small food sales do wuliuqianwan size distribution range from Yiwu to the East area.

and he’s not by luck.

setback, fought little food

Lou Jun is a plain business staff, a few years ago because he is optimistic about the prospects for the development of the food industry, in the premise of no food distribution experience, decided to quit the sea, and an investment is ten, directly from the start of big brands, the agent sincerely want a snack food, melon seeds.

at that time, he believes that there will be a big brand appeal, but also blindly follow the recommendations of the manufacturers to do business super, take the image. A year later, because do not understand, do not understand marketing skills, special display application, only know that throwing money into but not earn losses, thanks to only 6000 yuan at the end of the year.

is like him, he still believes that the food industry is a great potential market. This time, he summed up the experience, to avoid the first-line brand, to the provincial well-known products.

Lou Junping believes that the quality of the provincial well-known products are guaranteed, and will not set a high pressure on the dealer task, relatively easy. And the price of small food itself is relatively low, the product price in a few dollars, gross profit rate is not too high, the circulation of products around 10% in profits, profits mainly depends on the amount of walking, Lou Jun Ping believe that as long as the good control can be as much as possible to improve the pure interest rate, this brand is more secure than operation.

As for the

channel, Lou Junping believes that the circulation channel unlike super, do not need a lot to engage in promotional activities, there is no high fees, bar charges, so from the high-end super steering is more suitable for small food circulation wholesale and retail store.

personally delivered, three years to spread the market


, in the first year of the business process, and the manager of a manager to establish a very good relationship, he offered to move the market with a flat floor, run business.

after a period of time the Capitol building visits, shunpei generally understand which areas are easy to go to Yiwu City, which sales regional development potential.

summed up the experience of failure in the first year, Lou Junping no longer let the salesman or delivery drivers to match delivery, because they will not be careful to observe the market, in case of resignation, but also easily lead to the loss of customers

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