Young man to return home to start an annual income of chicken considerable

whenever you hear those hard to get rich story, always make people have great shock. Those entrepreneurs who have experienced many difficulties, finally get the harvest. Of course, entrepreneurship is really a life changing choice. Hu Jiang is an example. Let’s look at his story.

2011 in June 22nd, Changsha Chinese Shangzhou County of Sichuan province Yibin Zhen Liang he Cun a chicken farm, the boss Hu Jiangzheng open heart to pick up the egg. "I now raise more than 2000 hens, one day produce more than 1 thousand and 800 eggs, in accordance with the market price of $0.6 per egg, an income of over ten million, a year down is more than ten million." Hu Jiang while picking up eggs, while accounting.

2000 years, 18 year old Hu Jiang and the village of the boys went to Guangdong, Zhejiang and other places to work. Due to the lack of knowledge, Hu Jiang can only do the work of physical strength, although full devotion, but only earn money to support their families. 2008, affected by the international financial crisis, the factory where Hu Jiang was also affected, forced to return to the ranks of migrant workers returned home.

have tasted the "sweetness", Hu Jiang increasingly bold. At the beginning of 2011, farm Hu Jiang will be the original house for the expansion of 800 square meters, and purchased 1000 chicks. At present, the scale of chicken farms to feed more than 2000 hens, Nissan eggs, not only in the local supply of eggs, but also sold to Yibin, Leshan and other places. "As long as careful care, diligence, observation, prevention and control measures properly, the chicken is actually not much technical requirements." Hu Jiang added to feed the chicken after the self-confidence to say.

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