Pretend to be rich to drive cars and trucks at pengci drunk drivers

is one of the most afraid of drivers in the event must be pengci, recently informed the police, a Guangzhou Gang posing as fake Fupo driving cars pengci, and successfully blackmail over the driver. Now the gang has been arrested by the police.

1 27 July, Guangzhou police, plainclothes police recently destroyed a gang member, the long-term use of many cars, by deliberately creating traffic accidents in the form of extortion, blackmail day truck drivers at night drunk drivers, police arrested 6 suspects.

2015 in October 16th, a-yong driving a truck in the Guangzhou Road, he turned to the right lane into the road ahead, just listen to "bang" sound, a-yong instinct brakes, get off a look, I saw a Lexus car left front position clinging to truck right rear tire, the left headlight has obvious crash.

the understanding, driving is often a nickname "Feipo" woman Pan Mouying, she dressed as a woman will open the vehicle before going out loose related parts of the screw, the vehicle will be a collision, the parts off the whole.

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