Xinjiang public entrepreneurship peoples employment momentum

is now in such a popular pioneering era, people’s entrepreneurial activities have become very common, especially in the whole society are actively promote public entrepreneurship development, in an era of this background, entrepreneurship has become widespread.

2015, the implementation of small and micro enterprises in Xinjiang, the public entrepreneurship, people employment action to encourage their own businesses, for the new 3000 small and micro enterprises.


multi-creation space behind the popular, is a series of policies to promote and support. In March 26th this year, the regional party committee and government issued "on further promoting the work of employment and entrepreneurship", the introduction of the 8 aspects of 25 policy measures, extend and improve the existing policies, the basic formation of full coverage of the employment employment policy system, strong force to promote public business, public employment, stimulate innovation and vitality of the whole society and create potential.

All the measures are "

"autonomous commission by letter arrangements for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises 58 million 770 thousand yuan of special funds to support 70 projects of fixed assets and 139 service system project. This year the "fast track" of the project funding of 470 million yuan, and ultimately determine the support of 795 projects." Autonomous commission by letter of Party members, the discipline inspection team leader Niu said, from this year, the autonomous region financial year 30 million yuan special support compensatory compensation fund for small and medium enterprise financing guarantee institutions, enhance the ability of financing guarantee institutions, to provide financing guarantee service for enterprise innovation.

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