From the webmaster do Google AdSense think think

issued the day before yesterday first post, the editor went through. This shows that his literary talent is good ah. Oh, narcissism is a.

today from the point of view to talk about Google ads have their own views.

is now a lot of webmasters are placed in the site GGAD, users have to click to make money, but today I want to pour cold water on everyone, of course, I am not subjective to say. And from the objective facts of the.

a lot of impetuous psychology

gentleman love, in a proper way. But I think this is not every webmaster can do that. A lot of people are using each other. Click on the ads advertising alliance actually such as ", " seven injuries boxing; in fact, you think of their own money. In fact, you may damage GOOGLE reputation, also ruined his reputation. Neither.

we can think of the GOOGLE for others to do for advertising, companies first ran the interests come, then is GOOGLE. If the enterprise reputation to GOOGLE money hit bailer, nobody is going to do.

so, I think you should be flat mentality, then before the money. If we want to have a webmaster, I advise, through proper means to click advertising.

two. Do not induce click

respect others, now a lot of download stations, in order to induce users to click on ads, have to download their want things, but they do not know by clicking on ads, or to induce don’t have software.GOOGLE for this is not the way, but for many webmaster in future, please discard this approach.

three. Don’t do garbage station

now do stand owners a lot of garbage, I think this really not what use to you and your users, three minutes to be happy, not with their own wisdom and labor in exchange for long-term gains. But always see things, with little time to think about the future of.

himself to write these, and then write to estimate that there are a lot of webmaster with me too much. I think through the proper means to get income. So, do for everyone is good.

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