How to set up a distribution of bedding

now people pay more attention to Home Furnishing life experience, while some are starting to become popular textile bedding, the demand is relatively large, such a good investment prospects for many people engaged in bedding outlets to obtain a satisfactory profit.

bedding dealership brand only from the perspective of consumers, to meet consumer needs. The road seems reasonable, but in the current market conditions, it is not enough. An advertising company was for a business proposal for the bedding, bedding positioning fashions, yes, consumers buy Bedding is really needed for fashion, but this is all bedding in common, is a necessary condition to participate in market competition, rather than your bedding personality, but not the bedding of success the necessary and sufficient conditions. Simple to meet consumer demand, this road up, the resistance will be great.

bedding dealership brand must be built on the basis of certain. How to choose the bedding investment? The direction of the brand positioning, has three kinds, one is starting from the product itself, one is from the consumer point of view, the other one is beyond the consumer in the research on the basis of consumers, for consumers, in order to surprise. There is no doubt that in the current fierce competition in the franchise chain to join the industry, product homogeneity serious circumstances, simply say the product itself, is not the same as other brands in the district. The road is out of order.

now want to gain a foothold in the bedding industry chain, we must grasp the operation method. In the course of the implementation of the program is different from the theory, or to the distribution of the clothing store owners in the local bedding industry chain on the basis of the market, to make reasonable arrangements. At the time of the shop, to find a better visibility of the joint venture to join the company’s head office, headquarters to provide support, so that the opening of the bedding store is more likely to succeed.

In fact, in the entire process of


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